CEDAR email: SCOSTEP/VarSITI Newsletter Vol.19

SHIOKAWA, Kazuo shiokawa at nagoya-u.jp
Mon Oct 1 01:57:44 MDT 2018

From Kazuo Shiokawa (shiokawa at nagoya-u.jp)

SCOSTEP's VarSITI (Variability of the Sun and Its Terrestrial Impact, 2014-2018)

VarSITI Newsletter volume 19 has now been published.  The PDF file is available at 
Below are the contents of this volume.  

Contents of VarSITI Newsletter Volume 19

1. Project for Solar-Terrestrial Environment Prediction (PSTEP)
2. VarSITI Discussion on "Solar Variability and Sunspot Indices"

Highlights on Young Scientists
1. Thai Trinh/ Germany
2. Deepak K. Karan/ India
3. Chenglong Shen/ China

Meeting Reports
1. HEPPA-SOLARIS Workshop 2018
2. 7th IAGA/ICMA/SCOSTEP Workshop on Vertical Coupling in the Atmosphere-Ionosphere System
3. 45th Annual European Meeting on Atmospheric Studies by Optical Methods

Upcoming Meetings

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