CEDAR email: Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Space Physics at the University of Oslo. Application Deadline 10.10.2018

Jøran Idar Moen j.i.moen at fys.uio.no
Mon Oct 1 00:38:30 MDT 2018

Postdoctoral Research Fellow (3y)  in Plasma and Space Physics is available at the Department of Physics, University of Oslo, Norway

Application deadline : 10.10.2018

Science objective:
Over the next years, the 4DSpace team at UiO will be involved in several rocket launches into the polar ionosphere. All of these rockets will during flight eject small sub-payloads which will for the first time make multi-point observations of the ionospheric plasma density at unprecedented spatial resolution. These unique data will facilitate the search for dispersion relations at different scales, as well as the multi-scale mapping of turbulent structures. 

The successful candidate will work in a team of scientists on a development of new data analysis techniques for multi-point measurements of plasma density by a rocket and its sub-payloads. The candidate will then apply these techniques to data from rocket experiments to study irregularities and turbulence in the cusp F region ionosphere. The in-situ results will also be compared with advanced numerical models. Due to its novel approach, it is expected that this project will to lead to several major advances in the field of ionospheric turbulence.

Please apply electronically for this job:

Contact information
Professor Jøran Moen, e-mail: j.i.moen at fys.uio.no, ph: +47 91 55 64 14 
Professor Wojciech Miloch, e-mail: w.j.miloch at fys.uio.no, ph. + 47 414 21 558

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