CEDAR email: CEDAR session: Science advances enabled by distributed ground-based instrument networks

Asti Bhatt asti.bhatt at sri.com
Wed May 31 17:55:52 MDT 2023

Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite you to the CEDAR session on "CEDAR science advances enabled by distributed ground-based instrument networks" on Monday, June 26th from 4-6pm in the Eastcoast room. We are requesting short presentations on existing networks of instruments and capabilities, the unmet science needs that require networks of distributed instruments, and new ideas for networks. The agenda for the session will be as follows:

  1.  Short updates on status and data availability from existing networks of ground-based instruments
  2.  0-1 slide presentations on unmet measurement needs that can be addressed by new networks of ground-based instruments
  3.  Short presentations and discussion on new ideas for ground-based instrument networks.

Please reach out to any of the conveners listed below, if you would like to contribute in any part of this session.


Asti Bhatt (asti.bhatt at sri.com<mailto:asti.bhatt at sri.com>)
Jonathan Makela (jmakela at illinois.edu<mailto:jmakela at illinois.edu>)
Jenn Gannon (gannon at cpi.com<mailto:gannon at cpi.com>)
Olu Jonah (olu.jonah at sri.com<mailto:olu.jonah at sri.com>)

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