CEDAR email: FW: Civilian job announcement, Spacecraft charging and radiation impacts

COOKE, DAVID L CIV USSF AFMC AFRL/RVBX david.cooke at spaceforce.mil
Wed May 31 20:20:36 MDT 2023

For those who knew Dale Ferguson, you will know he was one of the world's  top scientist in spacecraft charging.  If
you do not know, he passed away last November.  While we cannot truly replace Dale, the world keeps spinning and we
need to give it a try as this is a core competence for AFRL.  At the same time, an exact replacement is not the
objective.  Below is the job announcement for a civilian position to try to fill that niche. I did not write it and
notice it does not speak much directly to spacecraft charging, so there is much latitude, but charging is part of
it.  Please help me disseminate this announcement to the space science, EE, & charging community.


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