CEDAR email: *Reminder* June 1 2023 DEI Community Tag Up

Lindsay Goodwin lindsaygoodw at gmail.com
Wed May 31 12:03:28 MDT 2023

Greetings CEDAR Community and DEI Enthusiasts,

This is a reminder that *June 1st* (tomorrow) there will be
a CEDAR DEI Community Tag Up from *8-9 PM ET*. Please come and join us to
have a friendly chat and discussion about DEI related topics in
the CEDAR Community and the world at large (*Webex information below*). In
this meeting we will also try to develop a consensus about how to have a
virtual component for CEDAR.

We look forward to seeing everyone and getting your input. Hope to see you

Best wishes,

The DEI Task force (Katrina Bossert, Angeline Burrell, Phil Erickson,
Lindsay Goodwin, Katelynn Greer, McArthur Jones, Komal Kumari, Meghan
Lemay, Huixin Liu, Susan Nossal, Andrew Pepper, Zishun Qiao, Julio Urbina,
Jia Yue, and Matthew Zettergren)


*Join from the meeting link*

*Join by meeting number*
Meeting number (access code): 2623 044 8105
Meeting password: mvZM3a3u8Jw

*Tap to join from a mobile device (attendees only)*
<%2B1-650-479-3207,,*01*26230448105%23%23*01*> Call-in toll number

*Join by phone*
1-650-479-3207 Call-in toll number (US/Canada)
Global call-in numbers

*Join from a video system or application*
Dial 26230448105 at njit.webex.com
You can also dial and enter your meeting number.
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