CEDAR email: Call for ISR World Day Proposals for CEDAR 2023 - Deadline 27 June 2023

Lindsay Goodwin lindsaygoodw at gmail.com
Wed May 24 14:02:29 MDT 2023

Hello All,

I would like to encourage you all to *submit your proposals* for ISR World
Day experiments and observations for the year 2024 *before 27th June 2023*.
These proposals will be presented during the *"Incoherent Scatter Working
meeting that will take place at CEDAR on Thursday 29th June 2023*. At this
meeting, we will begin preliminary discussions for potential 2024 ISR world
day operations, and have other general ISR discussions. You are also
welcomed to participate in the meeting and discussions.

"World Day" operations are an opportunity to direct the global network of
radars towards a single scientific objective for time scales of a few days.
Guidelines for applying for a World Day are at the following link, as is a
template for the application:
Please send applications to lindsay.v.goodwin at njit.edu

If you wish to be included as a participant in the discussion this year,
but cannot travel to CEDAR, then please send an email to me. If you are an
ISR operator or responsible for ISR world day planning for a radar, also
please contact me so that I can ensure that the email list is up to date.
If you have benefitted from World Day operations in the past we would be
very pleased to hear from you with details.  It is good to assess how
effective these experiments are, and useful for the radar operators when
reporting to their funding bodies.

Lindsay Goodwin
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