CEDAR email: Recent Advances in Space Geophysics including COLAGE

Clezio De Nardin clezio.denardin at inpe.br
Wed May 24 11:20:00 MDT 2023

Dear colleagues

As you already know, we are receiving manuscripts for the Special Issue
“Recent Advances in Space Geophysics including COLAGE” in Journal of
Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics (JASTP). This message is to inform
that 31-July-2023 is the new deadline for submissions.

This special issue welcomes scientific results on the topics covered by the
five sessions of COLAGE: Space Weather; Ionosphere and Upper Atmosphere;
Solar Physics, Heliosphere and Cosmic rays; Solar Wind, Magnetosphere and
Geomagnetism; and Space Plasma Physics and Nonlinear Processes in Space
Geophysics and can include modeling, measurements, and data analysis which
can contribute to the advances of the Space Geophysics in general.

You are invited to submit your manuscript at any time before the submission
deadline 31-July-2023. Please submit the manuscript via journal online
submission system at https://www.editorialmanager.com/jastp/default2.aspx
and select the article type of “VSI:COLAGE’s Special Edition”.

Guest Editors
Inez Batista
Livia Alves
Clezio De Nardin
Sergio Dasso
Juan Valdivia
C. M. DENARDINI - http://www.dae.inpe.br/~clezio.denardin/

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