CEDAR email: GEM Sessions of Focus Group “The Impact of the Cold Plasma in Magnetospheric Physics”

Delzanno, Gian Luca delzanno at lanl.gov
Tue May 23 08:48:51 MDT 2023

Dear colleagues,

a friendly reminder of the four sessions of the Cold Plasma focus group at the GEM summer workshop, June 11 – 16 2023 in San Diego (https://gemworkshop.org).

The first session will be on recent progress in cold plasma research. All types of relevant contributions are welcome.

The second session will be joint with the Focus Group ‘Self-Consistent Inner Magnetospheric Modeling’. All types of relevant contributions are welcome.

The third session will focus on the impact of the cold plasma on pulsating and diffuse aurora. Allison Jaynes will give a scene setting talk, followed by discussion with the audience. People interested in the connection between cold plasma and auroral forms (and more generally magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling) are strongly encouraged to participate in the discussion.

The fourth session will focus on the topic ‘The future of the Cold Plasma’. Here researchers will be limited to one slide emphasizing the ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘why now’ and ‘how’ of a given idea. Audience discussion will follow.

Please contact Gian Luca Delzanno (delzanno at lanl.gov) if you are interested in contributing to any of these sessions. The specific format for the first two sessions will be communicated at a later time.

Gian Luca Delzanno on behalf of the Cold Plasma FG leaders

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