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*PITHIA-NRF Trans-National Access (TNA) Open Call*

PITHIA-NRF <https://pithia-nrf.eu> (Plasmasphere Ionosphere Thermosphere 
Integrated Research Environment and Access services: a Network of 
Research Facilities) invites applications for access to a variety of the 
*best **European**research facilities* (nodes) for studies and modelling 
of physical processes acting in the Earth’s upper atmosphere, with 
support from experts within the field. There are twelve nodes within 
PITHIA-NRF all dedicated to investigating the plasmasphere, ionosphere 
and/or thermosphere.

The access can be *physical access* (one-week visit with travel and 
accommodation included) or *remote access* (one-month remote access with 
weekly support). The available services or resources are limited, and a 
competitive process is required following a defined procedure and 
criteria for the selection of users.

*Project opportunities:*

Project opportunities and description of the nodes are available at the 
information page <https://pithia-nrf.eu/pithia-nrf-users/tna>. We 
encourage any potential applicants to discuss with the relevant node 
about the project before submitting their proposals. The TNA Support 
Centre <mailto:tna at pithia-nrf.eu> at PITHIA-NRF can help establishing 
contact points with the nodes.


This spring 2023 call is running until *15 June**2023*. It is an *O**pen 
Call* and applications will be handled as they arrive to streamline the 
timelines of the projects.


Access is provided for science projects to users from Academia, Small 
and Medium Enterprises, Industry, and Public Organisations.


The application should be filled in and submitted using the online form 
<https://pithia-nrf.eu/forms/tna-application-form-4>. After submission, 
eligibility and feasibility checks will be performed followed by the 
scientific evaluation. Follow the instructions at 


TNA Support Centre: tna at pithia-nrf.eu

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