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Sassi, Fabrizio (GSFC-6750) fabrizio.sassi at nasa.gov
Tue May 23 09:26:09 MDT 2023

Dear colleagues

We invite you to participate in the CEDAR mini-workshop on “Evaluation of state-of-the-art models from meso- to planetary scales to assess the impact of data assimilation from the ground into geospace”.

This session invites short presentations to (1) assess the state of the art of community models in terms of their ability to realistically represent variability across the range of spatial and temporal scales that are present in the middle and upper atmosphere; (2) quantify the benefits of data and data assimilation techniques toward improving modeled variability of and predictions in the thermosphere and ionosphere. The short presentations should be focused on advantages and benefits of existing and upcoming observational datasets, regardless of whether they are space borne or ground based. Presentations including theoretical work, modelling, data assimilation, and observational data analysis are all encouraged. An expected outcome of this workshop is a community-motivated discussion of the necessary observations, their coverage and quality for use in modern data assimilation systems.

If you wish to give a presentation in this workshop, please contact one of the conveners.

Fabrizio Sassi: fabrizio.sassi at nasa.gov<mailto:fabrizio.sassi at nasa.gov>
Nicholas Pedatella: nickp at ucar.edu<mailto:nickp at ucar.edu>
Guiping Liu: guiping.liu at nasa.gov<mailto:guiping.liu at nasa.gov>
Sarah McDonald: sarah.mcdonald at nrl.navy.mil<mailto:sarah.mcdonald at nrl.navy.mil>
Fazlul Laskar: Fazlul.Laskar at lasp.colorado.edu<mailto:Fazlul.Laskar at lasp.colorado.edu>
Chih-Ting Hsu: chihting at ucar.edu<mailto:chihting at ucar.edu>
Haonan Wu: haonanw at g.clemson.edu<mailto:haonanw at g.clemson.edu>

Sassi, Fabrizio, PhD
Heliophysics Science Division
Ionospheric Thermospheric Mesospheric Physics Laboratory
O: (301) 286-9854
C: (301) 550-1939
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