CEDAR email: CEDAR 2023: Invitation to attend "Auroral Science with Heterogeneous Datasets"

Leslie Lamarche leslie.lamarche at sri.com
Mon May 22 09:32:34 MDT 2023

Dear Colleagues,
We encourage  you to attend “Auroral science and studies of coupled MIT dynamics using hybrid heterogeneous data, data assimilation, and data-driven models” at the 2023 CEDAR Workshop.  This session is scheduled for Monday June 26, 2023 from 1:30 - 3:30 PM PDT in the Eastcoast Room.
This workshop focuses on the ionospheric responses and drivers in the auroral zone contributing to system-science characterizations of the coupled magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere (MIT). We emphasize development of new tools for incorporating data from distributed, heterogeneous, multiple-platform data sources, and the incorporation of these into state-of-the art models and data assimilation approaches.   The workshop will consist of a select number of talks focused on data-driven system science in the auroral zone, with ample time for discussion of new techniques and promising research areas.
We encourage participants from a broad range of experience and backgrounds (ie, early-career, data providers and users, modeler and data analysts) to foster multi-perspective dialog regarding critical system science with heterogeneous data and diverse techniques in auroral science.
If you would like to present in or contribute specific discussion topics to this session, please contact Leslie Lamarche (leslie.lamarche at sri.com) or another co-convener before Friday June 2, 2023.  The final agenda and selected talks will be selected by June 9, and speakers and discussion leaders  will be notified accordingly.
We look forward to your participation!
Leslie Lamarche
Kristina Lynch
Meghan Burleigh
Mark Conde
Alex Mule
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