CEDAR email: CEDAR session: Multi-scale Dynamics in the Ionosphere-Thermosphere System

Toshi Nishimura toshi16 at bu.edu
Mon May 22 08:42:27 MDT 2023

Dear CEDAR workshop attendees,

The Multi-scale Dynamics in the Ionosphere-Thermosphere System session will
be held at 10:00-12:00 on Thursday June 29 during the 2023 CEDAR workshop.
Following the grand challenge workshop on this topic in 2018-2021, this
session will host discussions to advance our understanding of I-T coupling
processes across scales. The session covers processes from global to
small-scale processes in the cusp, polar cap, auroral oval, mid latitudes,
and equatorial regions. The full session description can be found on the
workshop website.

We solicit presentations that are relevant to the session theme. Research
by all means of observations, modeling and data science are welcome. If you
are interested, please send your name and presentation title to Toshi
Nishimura (toshi16 at bu.edu). A very brief description of your work is also
helpful for our scheduling purposes. Since the session is only for two
hours, the number of available presentation slots is limited and each
presentation will be in a short and workshop style.

Best regards,
Toshi Nishmura, Yue Deng, Astrid Maute, Larry Lyons, Cheng Sheng, and
William Bristow
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