CEDAR email: CEDAR 2023 : Invitation to participate in "Current and Future Instrumentation and Experiments at Mid-latitudes" Workshop

Frank Lind flind at mit.edu
Mon May 22 07:10:43 MDT 2023

Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to participate in the Current and Future Instrumentation 
and Experiments at Mid-latitudes 
CEDAR workshop scheduled for Tuesday, June 27th, 1:30 to 3:30pm.

This workshop will explore current and future experimental capabilities 
for the study of the mid-latitude Geospace environment. Instrumentation 
used at mid-latitudes needs to combine detailed plasma and neutral 
atmosphere measurements with the meso-scale fields of view necessary to 
specify boundary conditions. Scientific progress requires co-located 
networks of instrumentation that include both radio and radar systems, 
optical imaging arrays, orbital platforms, and in-situ measurements made 
using rocket instrumentation. Experimental measurement of physical 
parameters of the ionosphere and neutral atmosphere are critical to 
scientific progress in key areas such as ionospheric variability, storm 
response and recovery, plasma instabilities, sporadic-E layer formation, 
sub-auroral polarization streams and drifts, and atmospheric coupling. 
We will discuss what is possible with current instrumentation systems, 
near term developments that are currently underway, and longer term 
visions for a comprehensive set of experimental capabilities at 
mid-latitudes. Efforts relevant to the upcoming Eclipse in April of 2024 
are of particular interest.

The sessions will consist of short presentations with moderated 
discussion. A portion of the workshop will focus on coordination of 
efforts associated with the upcoming April 2024 North American eclipse.

Please contact one of the conveners by June 9th if possible to be added 
to the agenda.

Contributions from students and early career scientists are welcome.

Best Regards,

Frank Lind, John Swoboda, Stephen Kaeppler, Asti Bhatt, Alex Chartier, 
Roger Varney
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