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Astrid Maute maute at ucar.edu
Wed May 13 07:57:19 MDT 2020

Dear CEDAR community,

The virtual workshops are a grassroot effort as the technology for the
individual workshop will be provided by the conveners and scheduling will
only be guided by the CSSC. These workshops have to take place between
23-26 June to be included in the CEDAR schedule.


   Conveners need to provide their workshop information via the form here
   by June 8

   Conveners of already proposed workshops
   will be contacted and asked if they plan to organize a virtual workshop.
   Filing the workshop information sheet by 8 June
   is still required.

   Additional workshops - not included in already proposed workshops list
   can be planned and the information needs to be provided via the workshop
   information form by 8 June

   Scheduling will be done online by the convener (9-12 June) with a
   suggested schedule developed by the CSSC. Due to the current situation with
   the need of flexibility the CSSC will not control the schedule but suggest
   changes to avoid overlap. Priority in scheduling will be given to
already proposed

   A general workshop schedule will be provided to all registered CEDAR
   meeting participants via email and will be posted here.

   The individual workshops will get a wiki page to post the workshop
   agenda and other information.

   Community members interested in participating in a workshop can either
   contact the conveners who can invite them or conveners can send the video
   conferencing connection information to maute at ucar.edu by June 17. The
   information will be gathered in a pdf with the schedule and distributed to
   all registered CEDAR participants via email.

   No video conferencing connection information will be publicly posted.

   Guidance for individual workshops:


   core hours are 9-3PM Mountain time to cover 4-5 core time zones.

   length up to 120 min. Please take the time at the beginning of the
   workshop to go over technology, virtual meeting etiquette (such as muting)
   and instructions how the audience can interact e.g., chat, epolling etc.

   Consider having at least 1 dedicated moderator (co-host) for your
   workshop to channel audience feedback and deal with any potential issues
   e.g., unintended noise.

   Consider having at least a 10-15 min break between workshops like it
   would be during an in-person meeting, e.g. end not at the full hour but 15
   min earlier.


   Due dates:

8 June: workshop information form due

9-12 June: Scheduling workshops

13-17 June: Virtual meeting information has to be sent to maute at ucar.edu
to be provided to the community.

For questions please contact maute at ucar.edu.

Delores Knipp and the CSSC
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