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Astrid Maute maute at ucar.edu
Wed May 13 07:57:50 MDT 2020

Dear CEDAR community,

The pre-recorded presentations are a grassroot effort and will be
asynchronous with viewing on demand.


   The community can contribute science highlights via video links which
   will be posted on a common website organized by categories with the
   presenter's information.

   We strongly encourage students and early career scientists to contribute.

   The highlight can be in poster format without audio but annotation is

   The pre-recorded science highlights will be asynchronous.

   Community members interested in contributing a presentation can do so by
   providing their presentation information by 8 June via the form here

   The CSSC provides the following guidelines: Videos should be less than
   15 min long and have a reasonable file size (e.g., <=1GB), at the end of
   the presentation the contact information for feedback should be provided.
   These presentations have to be scientific and aligned with CEDAR science.
   CSSC and CPAESS reserve the right to not post/eliminate material that is
   inappropriate based on NSF policy.

   Do NOT include copyrighted work or  "derivative work" which is based on
   or derived from a preexisting copyrighted work and in which the preexisting
   work is changed, condensed or embellished in some way. Under the U.S.
   copyright statutes <http://www.copyright.gov/title17/>, the owner of any
   copyrighted work has the exclusive right to control and authorize the
   preparation of derivative works.

For questions please contact maute at ucar.edu.

Delores Knipp and the CSSC
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