CEDAR email: A New GEM FG Session Announcement: “Interhemispheric Approaches to Understand M-I Coupling (IHMIC)”

Hyomin Kim hmkim at njit.edu
Mon May 14 19:56:23 MDT 2018

A New GEM FG Session Announcement: “Interhemispheric Approaches to
Understand M-I Coupling (IHMIC)”

From: Hyomin Kim (hmkim at njit.edu), Robert Lysak, Tomoko Matsuo

We invite you to participate in our new GEM focus group session,
“Interhemispheric Approaches to Understand M-I Coupling (IHMIC)”. The
main goal of this focus group proposal is to understand the
interhemispheric symmetry/asymmetry in geomagnetic fields and its
effects on M-I coupling. Observational and modeling studies have shown
the interhemispheric differences which are manifested in various
signatures, e.g., large-scale current systems, auroral forms, waves,
ion upflow, outflow, particle precipitation, high-latitude convection
and thermospheric winds.

The focus group addresses questions as to how to incorporate
interhemispheric differences and their effects on M-I coupling in
observations and modeling/simulations. The overarching science
questions that this focus group will be addressing are:

1) In what aspect does the asymmetry in geomagnetic fields play a role
in M-I coupling?
2) How are the interhemispheric differences related to solar wind and
geomagnetic activities?
3) What are interhemispheric differences in storm and substorm
signatures, wave activity and particle precipitation? What controls
these differences?
4) How do interhemispheric differences in ionospheric conductivity
affect solar wind coupling to the magnetosphere, ionosphere and
5) What are effects of the neutral wind dynamo in the application of
Ohm's law to ionosphere-magnetosphere coupling?  Does the neutral wind
dynamo contribute to the interhemispheric asymmetry in M-I coupling?

There will be two sessions on Friday (June 22). Please note that the
afternoon session is a joint session with the focus group “3D
Ionospheric Electrodynamics and its impact on MIT coupling (IEMIT)”.

Friday 10:30-12:00 IHMIC FG session

Friday 1:30-3:00 IEMIT-IHMIC Joint FG Session

This year, we are encouraging more discussion and discouraging
AGU-style presentations, limiting each talk to 3-4 slides focused on
results and outstanding questions. If you are interested in presenting
interhemispheric studies, please use this signup form:


Please also note that there will be GEM-CEDAR joint sessions on
Saturday (June 23). The second session from 10:30 to 12:00 will cover
“Interhemispheric Processes/Symmetries/Asymmetries”.

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