CEDAR email: 2017 AGU session SA004: Monitoring Geospace Variations Through Remote Sensing

Zhang, Yongliang Yongliang.Zhang at jhuapl.edu
Wed Jul 19 09:20:50 MDT 2017

Dear Colleagues,
We would like to invite you to submit your abstracts to 2017 AGU session SA004:
"Monitoring Geospace Variations Through Remote Sensing"
Session ID#: 22803
Session Description:
Geospace (the ionosphere, thermosphere, plasmasphere and magnetosphere) is driven by energy and momentum inputs from the Sun, internal processes within these regions, and energy from the surface and lower atmosphere. Satellite-based remote sensing (X-ray, UV, visible, IR and radio frequencies) provides a cost-effective way to understand the system and its global response as well as those regions where in situ measurements are difficult. We welcome all contributions on imaging techniques, data analysis, modeling/simulations for geospace studies and future sensor improvement.

Conveners:  Yongliang Zhang, Larry J Paxton, David G Sibeck, and Robert K Schaefer

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