CEDAR email: AGU Fall Meeting SA016: Dynamics and Coupling Processes of the Ionosphere and Thermosphere at Middle and Low Latitudes

HUANG, CHAOSONG DR-03 USAF AFMC AFRL/RVBXC chaosong.huang.1 at us.af.mil
Wed Jul 19 08:40:22 MDT 2017

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to submit an abstract to our session: "SA016: Dynamics and Coupling Processes of the Ionosphere and Thermosphere at Middle and Low Latitudes" in the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting at New Orleans, LA.


Session ID #: 22386

Session Description:

The ionosphere and thermosphere are very dynamic and strongly coupled over various spatial and time scales during both quiet times and geomagnetic storms. This session will address the recent progress, current understanding, and future challenges of thermospheric and ionospheric research at middle and low latitudes, and will focus on two areas. One area is equatorial ionospheric electrodynamics and disturbances, including plasma drift, equatorial spread F, plasma bubbles, and resultant scintillation. Another area is the response of the ionospheric-thermospheric system to geomagnetic storms, including penetration and dynamo electric fields, the variations of neutral and ion compositions on the bottomside and topside, atmospheric gravity waves and TIDs, and different drivers to the generation of storm-time disturbances. We welcome observational, theoretical, and modeling studies that improve our understanding and enable a better forecasting capability of thermospheric and ionospheric dynamics and coupling processes. Presentations on new instrument and observational methods are also encouraged.

Chaosong Huang, Yongliang Zhang, Wenbin Wang, and Shunrong Zhang

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