CEDAR email: CDF data of the PWING project are available from the ERG Science Center

SHIOKAWA, Kazuo shiokawa at nagoya-u.jp
Tue Jul 4 18:18:47 MDT 2017

From: Kazuo Shiokawa (shiokawa at isee.nagoya-u.ac.jp)

The PWING Project started in 2016 operates airglow imagers, induction coils, 
riometers, VLF receivers, and EMCCD cameras at subauroral latitudes 
in Canada, Alaska, Russia, Finland, and Iceland, as part of the Arase (ERG) 
- ground coordinated observations.  The quick-look plots of the data have 
been opened from the PWING website at 
(click each observation equipment).
This time we have also opened real digital data of the PWING project in the 
CDF format from the website of the ERG Science Center with support by the 
IUGONET project, as below.  

Note that the related load procedures for IDL/SPEDAS have been developed 
and will be released as erg plug-in procedures from the ERG Science Center.  
The information on these load procedures will be announced when they 
are available.  Without these load procedures, one can also download the 
data from the site and make plots as you like using some appropriate 
IDL/Matlab/Python codes.  

The basic rules of the road is to contact the PI when users use the data 
at any publications/presentations, and scientists who have contributed to 
the measurements at these ground stations can have opportinuty to join 
the research, if the data is significant for that research.  Details on 
the Rules of the Road, PI etc are included in the CDF files.

ERG science center (CDF-formatted data) 

IUGONET (meta data) 

All-sky camera: ATH, GAK, HUS, KAP, NYR and other 15 OMTI stations 

Induction magnetometers: ATH, GAK, KAP, ZGN, MGD, PTK, STA, MSR

Riometers: ATH, GAK, HUS, KAP 

VLF/ELF receivers: ATH and KAP

EMCCD camera keograms: GAK, KEV (full 100Hz data are available on request)

PWING stands for "study of dynamical variation of Particles and Waves in the INner 
magnetosphere using Ground-based network observations." 

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