CEDAR email: AGU session: Large and Small Scale Drivers and Responses in the IT System

Astrid Maute maute at ucar.edu
Tue Jul 4 17:02:06 MDT 2017

Dear colleagues,

we want to bring to your attention the AGU session on
*Large and Small Scale Drivers and Responses in the Ionosphere Thermosphere

Please consider contributing to this session which is described below.

Regards,Yue Deng, Roderick A Heelis, Larry R Lyons, Shunrong Zhang


*Session ID#: *23192
Session Description:
Determining the effects of energy deposition and momentum exchange at
different spatial and temporal scales is a critical question in the study
of the magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere (MIT) system. The objectives
of this session are to invite a discussion about how the new capabilities
improve the specification of the energy and momentum inputs and to
determine how the I-T system responds at different scales. The session will
focus on the following scientific questions: (1) What are the spatial and
temporal characteristics of convection and precipitation features in the
range of 50-500 km? (2) How do the large-scale and small-scale features
interact with the magnetosphere? (3) What are the relative roles the large
and small-scale forcings have in producing thermosphere/ionosphere
disturbances? (4) How is localized energy input redistributed globally?
Example topic areas include (but not limited to) flow bursts, SAPS, and
TIDs/TADs using observations, models, and data assimilation technique.
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