CEDAR email: Fall AGU session on inter-hemispheric asymmetries in high-latitude geospace

Karl Magnus Laundal Karl.Laundal at uib.no
Mon Jul 20 00:24:09 MDT 2015

Dear colleagues,

We welcome submissions to the AGU Fall meeting session 
"Inter-hemispheric differences in high-latitude geospace" (ID #8704).

The abstract deadline is 5 August.

Session description:
Our knowledge about the Sun-Earth interaction is to a large extent based 
on measurements from only the northern hemisphere. Recent datasets 
(SuperDARN, SuperMAG, AMPERE, satellite imaging and statistics from 
satellites such as CHAMP, Cluster and Swarm) provide measurements of 
several key parameters from both hemispheres simultaneously. Studies 
reveal that there are important differences between the hemispheres that 
depend on external drivers and on differences in ionospheric and 
thermospheric feedback (M-I-T coupling). This session calls for papers 
exploring interhemispheric asymmetries, and high latitude geospace as a 
two-hemisphere system. We welcome studies using conjugate observations, 
statistical techniques, as well as simulations and theoretical 

Best regards,
Karl Laundal, Matthias Förster, Steve Milan and Nikolai Østgaard

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