CEDAR email: AGU Special Session SA012 - Hydrogen in the Upper Atmosphere

Mlynczak, Martin G. (LARC-E302) m.g.mlynczak at nasa.gov
Fri Jul 17 16:16:20 MDT 2015

Dear Colleagues,
We would like to make you aware of the session SA012, Hydrogen in the Upper Atmosphere, to be held at the 2015 AGU Fall Meeting.

The Session Description is:

The total hydrogen budget and the distribution of hydrogen species in the upper atmosphere is both a scientific puzzle and of importance to our understanding of the forces that shape the evolution of the entire planetary atmosphere. The amount of H, H2, OH, HOx, etc., is sensitive to both anthropogenic sources and the processes that determine the structure and composition of the upper atmosphere (as well as geophysical variability.) Total hydrogen plays an important role in the mesosphere, thermosphere and exosphere as well as being the dominant species in the topside ionosphere. In this session we solicit contributions from the modeling and the observational community to address our current understanding, identify gaps and challenges, and establish a path forward. We look forward to contributions from across the entire spectrum of inquiry into H ranging from lower atmosphere exchange to plasmaspheric processes including hydrogen on Earth, Venus, Mercury, and Mars.

We hope to see you at the Session. Remember abstracts are due 5 August 2015.

Convenors: Larry Paxton; Lara Waldrop; Edwin Mierkiewicz; Marty Mlynczak
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