CEDAR email: Fall AGU session: SM026 "Remote sensing of the magnetospheric processes from auroral observations"

Zhang, Yongliang Yongliang.Zhang at jhuapl.edu
Mon Jul 20 09:04:08 MDT 2015

Dear Colleagues,

We welcome abstracts to the Fall AGU session SM026 "Remote sensing of the magnetospheric processes from auroral observations"
Session ID#: 7719
Session Description:
Precipitating particles and auroral emissions carry information about their sources and processes in the magnetosphere. Hence, auroral observations can be used to remotely sense the magnetosphere. For example: the geomagnetic tail reconnections separate the open and closed field line regions and are related to the poleward auroral boundary; field-aligned acceleration tends to cause discrete auroral arcs, plasma flow shear leads to auroral undulation; charge exchange and wave-particle interaction are important for generating ring current aurora; nightside auroral streamers are associated with high speed magnetotail plasma flows; the local time coverage of the cusp aurora indicates the dayside reconnection size; polar rain aurora are modulated by magnetopause surface waves or structures, etc. All of these and other auroral features may be used to enhance our understanding of magnetospheric processes. We welcome all contributions (data analysis, modeling, and theoretical studies) related to auroral and magnetospheric processes.

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Yongliang Zhang, Larry J. Paxton and Simon Wing
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