CEDAR email: Fall AGU Session: Fifty years of space weather forecasting: Highlighting the science, behind the societal relevance

Delores Knipp knipp at ucar.edu
Tue Jul 7 16:53:20 MDT 2015

Dear Colleagues

We are organizing a Session at the 2015 Fall AGU Meeting focusing on the 50
years of progress in forecasting Space Weather.  We invite presentations
focusing on advances that have moved, or are moving, observations and
science to the point of predictability.  This session is prelude to a
special collection of Space Weather Journal articles reprising the the 2001
AGU Monograph on Space Weather.  Session information is below.  We invite
contributions from all aspects of the space weather enterprise.

*Session ID#: * 8958
Session Description:
The year 2015 marks 50 years of routine space weather forecasting in the US
space weather community. This session invites papers that report on the
system science, observations, models and challenges related to forecasting
space weather. For this session “space weather” includes the science behind
impacts on human and technological systems at Earth that result from solar
disturbances, galactic cosmic rays, and from the influence of the
atmosphere below. Interest also extends to space weather effects elsewhere
in the solar system. Presentations should focus on advances that have
moved, or are moving, observations and science to the point of
predictability.  The conveners encourage national and international
perspectives on observations, modeling and forecasting.
Primary Convener:  *Delores J Knipp*, University of Colorado at Boulder,
Boulder, CO, United States
Conveners:  *Howard J Singer*, NOAA-Space Weather Prediction Center,
Boulder, CO, United States, *Michael A Hapgood*, Science and Technology
Facilities Council, Didcot, OX11, United Kingdom and *Scott William
Mcintosh*, High Altitude Observatory, Boulder, CO, United States


   - NH - Natural Hazards
   - SA - SPA-Aeronomy
   - SH - SPA-Solar and Heliospheric Physics
   - SI - Societal Impacts and Policy Sciences

 Delores Knipp
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