CEDAR email: Fall AGU 2015 session: SA004 - Composition and temperature in the thermosphere.

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 Fall AGU 2015 session: SA004 - Composition and temperature in the

Dear Colleagues,

  We welcome your submission to session SA004: Composition and temperature
in the thermosphere. Abstracts are due on August 5, 2015.

Session details can be found at:



*Alan Burns, Jeff Thayer, Marty Mlynczak and Wenbin Wang*

*Session ID#:* 8415
Session Description:A number of current and future space missions involve
studying neutral composition and temperature in the upper atmosphere. In
parallel with this experimental work, new theoretical studies are making
considerable progress in determining how and why the composition and
temperature of the thermosphere changes. It is therefore timely to have an
AGU session that covers various aspects of thermospheric composition and
temperature and brings together diverse studies of these subjects. Topics
include, but are not limited to: observations and modeling of O and N2 and
their relationship to the ionosphere; total neutral density; minor species
in the thermosphere; the role of minor species in cooling the thermosphere;
the transition from a mixed to a heterogeneous atmosphere; composition
change during geomagnetic storms; temperature changes in the upper
atmosphere; and the influence of composition changes on the ionospheric F2
peak and the topside ionosphere.

Conveners:  Alan Geoffrey Burns, National Center for Atmospheric Research,
Boulder, CO, United States, Jeffrey P Thayer, University of Colorado at
Boulder - CU, Boulder, CO, United States, Martin G Mlynczak, NASA Langley
Research Ctr, Hampton, VA, United States and Wenbin Wang, High Altitude
Observatory, Boulder, CO, United States

Alan Burns
aburns at ucar.edu
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