CEDAR email: IUGG 2015 Inter-Association Joint Session JG2: Modelling the Atmosphere and Ionosphere by Space Measurements

Hanli Liu liuh at ucar.edu
Thu Oct 30 13:15:40 MDT 2014

Dear Colleagues,

We cordially invite you to present your research at the 26th General
Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics in the
Inter-Association Joint Session JG2: Modelling the Atmosphere and
Ionosphere by Space Measurements:

Space measurements of various types play a fundamental role in our growing
understanding of the various processes in the Earth’s atmosphere,
especially the coupling of its different layers. The different disciplines
of geodesy, aeronomy, geomagnetism and meteorology contribute and benefit
in a multi-disciplinary way. They involve observing satellite systems,
whether dedicated or not, and the development and application of models and
techniques to treat, assimilate, represent and interpret those

We encourage the submission of papers dealing with methodology,
applications, as well as with inter-comparisons and validation.  They
include the assessment, validation and discussion of current and future
satellite systems; the modelling of atmospheric corrections for geodesy;
GNSS-based atmospheric sounding; advancements in the modelling of the
atmosphere, including tomographic techniques; modelling and interpretation
and modeling of space weather and its coupling with the terrestrial
weather; assimilation of measurements into numerical models; and use of
long-term space-based monitoring and numerical models for a variety of
applications, including terrestrial and space climate. We accept
contributions dealing with global and regional scales.

The 26th IUGG General Assembly will be held at Prague, Czech Republic 22
June-2 July 2015, and the abstract deadline is 31 January 2015. Please
check the meeting website (http://www.iugg2015prague.com/) for more

We look forward to seeing you in Prague.

Convener: Marcelo Santos, New Brunswick, Canada (IAG)

Co-Convener: Hanli Liu, Boulder, USA (IAGA)

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