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Postdoctoral fellows in space physics/atmospheric electricity at University of Bergen due 21 November

The Department of Physics and Technology has from 1 January 2015 two vacant positions for postdoctoral fellows in space physics/atmospheric electricity. The positions will be part of the Birkeland Centre for Space Science (BCSS). The position is for a fixed term of 4 years. 


BCSS is organized in two instrumentation groups, one education and public outreach group and four research groups that will address the following questions:

.     When and why is the aurora in the two hemispheres asymmetric?

.    How do we get beyond the static large scale picture of the ionosphere?

.    What are the effects of particle precipitation on the atmospheric system?

.    What is the role of energetic particles from thunderstorms in geospace?


Both postdoctoral fellows will be part of the Q4 group. The first 5 years this group is mainly funded and related to a European Research Council Advanced Grant project - TGF-MEPPA. This group explores how relativistic particles and gamma-rays are produced in the strong electric fields of thunderclouds, the so-called terrestrial gamma-ray flashes. Measurements of gamma-ray flashes, weather data, radio waves as well as modeling are used to understand and explain these phenomena. The instrumentation group of BCSS is developing instrumentation to measure terrestrial gamma-ray flashes from the international space station, from balloon and aircraft.


For these two positions we especially look for candidates with the following expertise:

            How thunderclouds form and electrify

            How streamers and leaders form and propagate

            Understanding gamma detectors and signal analysis from such detectors

            How radio waves from electric discharges can be used to understand the processes within the discharge itself

The successful candidates should be familiar with data analysis and/or modeling and have a good theoretical understanding of one or more of these fields.


starting salary at pay grade 57 in the Civil Service pay grade table (code 1352) – currently 482 800 NOK gross p.a.


Further information about the position can be obtained from Professor Nikolai Østgaard, Department of Physics and Technology, tel. +47 55 58 27 94 / email Nikolai.Ostgaard at ift.uib.no.


The full description of this announcement as well as instructions for

applicants can be fund at:




Closing date for applications: 21 November 2014


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