[Wrf-users] differences in wrf results due to grib2 subsetting

Eduardo Penabad Ramos edu.penabad at meteogalicia.es
Thu Mar 26 04:11:11 MDT 2009

in our institution, in order to speed up some operational tasks, we are
starting to work with regional subsets of global 0.5-GFS GRIB2 files as
inital/boundary conditions for WRF (we are using "small_grib" option of
wgrib2 to generate our regional subset) as you can observe in the attached
We have found some significant differences in WRF results due to use of
those regional files instead of global files. We've contacted with people at
NCEP related to grib2 processing, and they said that this is normal, wgrib2
just "generates" some truncation errors, and the differences in WRF results
are similar to those obtained using the same initial conditions in
differente machines/compilers.
Even though, it seems that the differences are really important
(non-negligible)... does anyone has faced with this kind of problem? any
Thanks in advance!
Eduardo Penabad
MeteoGalicia. NWP Department
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