[Wrf-users] gen_be error

Abdullah Kahraman havadurumu at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 07:55:06 MDT 2009


When I try to run gen_be, I receive "error 24" after a long process during
stage 4:
"Stage gen_be_diags failed with error 24"

The last lines of my "gen_be_stage4_regional.log" file is as follows:

Submitting job for variable rh and vertical index 27 on local machine
Submitting job for variable rh and vertical index 28 on local machine
cat: /home/seyda/Seyda_WRFDA/WRFDA/var/seyda/gen_be5/working/gen_be_stage4_regional.1/dir.rh28/sl_*:
No such file or directory
Submitting job for variable ps_u and vertical index 1 on local machine
Ending CPU time: Fri Mar 27 14:52:30 EET 2009

Thank you for your interest,
Istanbul Technical University
Department of Meteorology
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