[Narccap-announce] Reminder: AGU Fall Meeting abstract deadline is near

Raymond Arritt rwarritt at bruce.agron.iastate.edu
Thu Aug 2 11:02:51 MDT 2012

Dear NARCCAP investigators and friends,

This is a quick reminder that there are six days left until the abstract deadline 
for the AGU Fall Meeting.

Two special sessions of interest are one on NARCCAP (session GC050) and a more 
general session on Regional Climate Modeling (session A062).  We encourage you to 
submit your work to one of these sessions for presentation during the Fall meeting.

The Regional Climate Modeling session will include invited talks by Colin Jones (on 
CORDEX), Julio Bacmeister (on very-high-resolution global simulations), and Steve 
Sain (on statistical methods for model evaluation).

The abstract deadline is Wednesday, 8 August 2011 at 23:59 U.S. Eastern Daylight 
Time (which is 03:59 UTC on 9 August). Be aware that AGU is very strict about 
deadlines andwill not accept late abstracts under *any***circumstances - even if the 
session conveners try to argue the case!   We urge you to submit your abstract a few 
days before the deadline since the AGU system sometimes becomes overloaded on the 
deadline date.

Please let us know if you have any questions.  We look forward to meeting you in San 


Ray Arritt
Ruby Leung
(Session conveners for A062, "Regional Climate Modeling": 

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