[Narccap-announce] New Data, October 2012

Seth McGinnis mcginnis at ucar.edu
Tue Oct 16 17:20:51 MDT 2012

Greetings NARCCAP Users,

We have published a number of new datasets on ESG.  The following
files are now available:


* HRM3 ncep   Table 5: wa
* HRM3 hadcm3 Table 3: prw and snm
* HRM3 gfdl   Table 5: all variables

Note: the 750-hPa level is currently missing from the HRM3-gfdl 3D
data.  Also, cli and clw for HRM3 are provided on hybrid sigma levels,
rather than being interpolated to standard pressure levels.  These
files contain all vertical levels and are much larger than other 3D files.


* MM5I ccsm-current  Table 5: all variables
* MM5I ccsm          Table 2: rsds
* MM5I ccsm          Table 3: mrfso, mrro, mrros, mrso, rsus
* MM5I ccsm-current  Table 3: tauu, tauv
* MM5I hadcm3        Table 2: pr, tas


* TMSL ccsm-current Table 1: tasmax tasmin
* TMSL ccsm-current Table 2: pr ps rsds tas
* TMSL ccsm-current Table 3: clt hfls hfss prc prw psl rlut rsdt rsut zmla
* TMSL ccsm-current Table 5: all variables except wa
* TMSL ccsm-future  Table 1: tasmax, tasmin
* TMSL ccsm-future  Table 2: huss pr ps
* TMSL ccsm-future  Table 3: clt hfls hfss prc prw psl

These files are from the CCSM timeslice experiment, also known as the
CAM3 timeslice.  To fit them into the existing naming convention,
timeslice data has been designated as "TMSL", with the driver "ccsm"
to indicate the CCSM/CAM3 timeslice.

Note that the TMSL ccsm-current simulation is only twenty years long,
not thirty.  Note also that the TMSL ccsm-current datasets are now
complete; the variables that have been published are all that is
available, and no more variables will become available in the future.
More data from the future run is still forthcoming, however.



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