[Met_help] pcp_combine

Jianting Chu Jianting.Chu at uni-hohenheim.de
Fri Apr 9 07:38:59 MDT 2010

Dear Sir,
    I encountered a trouble with pcp_combine.
    With the wrfout files, the precpitation is accumulated every hour 
(history_interval=60), so I wanna use pcp_combine to get daily 
    If I use the command:
            > ./pcp_combine -subtract test_WRFPRS_d01_19890102.000 24 
test_WRFPRS_d01_19890101.000 0 test_19890101.nc -v 1000
    it will say:
            NetCDF: Numeric conversion not representable

      So, it seems that the problem is caused by NetCDF, but I am not sure.
    I have uploaded test_WRFPRS_d01_19890101.000.gz, 
test_WRFPRS_d01_19890102.000.gz and pcp_combine to your ftp: 
/incoming/irap/wrfhelp. Would you please checking it?

    I need to explain something before:

        1) we use rotated lat-lon projection for our WRFv3.1, and use 
the lasted WPP to transform its format to GRIB;
        2) Because MET does not recognize the rotated data, we use CDO 
to do the de-rotation (copygb is not possible for linux currently). I 
have used Xconv and wgrib to check the de-rotated results, it seems 
        3) pcp_combine is produced by gfortran compiler.

    What is the problem?

Best wishes,

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