[Met_help] Bugfix for BUFRLIB

John Halley Gotway johnhg at rap.ucar.edu
Wed May 27 15:29:10 MDT 2009

MET Folks,

I wanted to write about something a bit unusual.  In helping Matt get
METv2.0 installed on a laptop for use in Finland, I was reminded on an
issue with compiling MET using the GNU compilers.  It was originally
uncovered through a MET-Help question a month or so ago.

The current verison of BUFRLIB available on NCEP's website contains a
small bug that causes the compilation of BUFRLIB with gfortran to fail. 
That failure in turn causes the compilation of METv2.0 to fail.

Dave A. and I contacted BUFRLIB support and they're aware of the issue,
but it hasn't been fixed on their site.  So this morning, I posted a
bugfix on the known issues page of the MET website about it, and provide
an updated BUFRLIB file with a one line change that fixes the problem. 
This is the change that BUFRLIB support instructed us to make.

I wanted to mention it becuase it's out of the ordinary.  I don't think
that we should generally provide bugfixes for external libraries - except
in the rare case when it directly and negatively effects the compilation
or performance of MET.  Does that sound reasonable?

Here's the known issues page:
Look for the bug posted 5/27/09.

I also added a note about it to the Downloads page:


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