[Met_help] How to specify the surface variable in the point_stat?

Zhu,Kefeng kefeng at ou.edu
Thu May 28 11:16:02 MDT 2009


    I'm wondering how to specify the surface variable like surface temperature? Does 'TMP/Z0' work? How does MET deal with the observation when i specify 'TMP/Z0' while actually the observed temperature are at 1.5m height?  
     Another question is do MET have any detail instruction about what kind of variable can be verified by specified type of observation like MSONET?  Beacuse when i set the 
fcst_field[] = [ "TMP/Z0", "UGRD/Z10", "VGRD/Z10" ]; 
message_type[] = [ "MSONET" ]; 
    I got nothing after the point_stat analysis.


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