[Met_help] Information about accumulation precipitation

John Halley Gotway johnhg at rap.ucar.edu
Mon May 11 11:37:50 MDT 2009


As of METv2.0 at least, Point-Stat can in fact read the NetCDF output of the PCP-Combine tool.  If you're using an older version of MET, I'd suggest upgrading to METv2.0.

Please let me know where you read that information about Point-Stat.  If it was in the current version of the MET User's Guide (for METv2.0), then that's incorrect, and we'll need to update it.

Sorry for the confusion!

John Halley Gotway
johnhg at ucar.edu

Francesco Piani wrote:
> Hi all.
> I'm using MET to verify the performances of WRF over Tuscany Region.
> I want to use Point-Stat tool to match station data and QPF over 24hours.
> I saw in the User-Guide that PCP-Combine has a NC files as output but Point-Stat want a GRIB file in input. So I used GrADS to accumulate precipitation and I write a program in C++ to re-obtain a GRIB files to ingest into Point-Stat.
> Is there some other method to aggregate 3-hr precipitation over a different interval, obtaining GRIB file, without passing through GrADS?
> Is one of your future goal to permit NC input files also for Point-Stat?
> Thanks for your kindness.
> Francesco Piani
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> piani at lamma.rete.toscana.it
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