[Met_help] A problem

John Halley Gotway johnhg at rap.ucar.edu
Mon May 11 06:58:05 MDT 2009


What this warning message is telling you is that the Stat-Analysis tool is
looking in the directory "out/rain" for *.stat files, but it is not
finding any lines in those files that EXACTLY match the job you've

When I experience a problem like this, my usual approach is to take a step
back and under-specify the job just to make sure I'm matching some lines. 
Then I take a look at the STAT lines that went into the job and adjust
from there.  For example, you may try the following:

(1) Run this Stat-Analysis job on the command line:
../bin/stat_analysis -lookin ./out/rain \
-job aggregate_stat -line_type FHO -out_line_type CTS \
-dump_row tmp.stat

(2) Did this job run successfully? Did it find any input FHO lines to use?
 If not, then maybe there aren't any FHO lines in your STAT files.  If it
did find FHO lines, and the job ran fine, proceed to the next step.

(3) Take a look in the file "tmp.stat".  How would you like to filter this
data down more?  Do you see "APCP_6" in the column for "fcst_var"?  Or
maybe it's actually "APCP_06"?  Try adding that to the job:

../bin/stat_analysis -lookin ./out/rain \
-job aggregate_stat -line_type FHO -fcst_var APCP_6 -out_line_type CTS \
-dump_row tmp.stat

(4) Did this job run successfully, or was there a problem with how you
specified the "fcst_var".  Now check the "tmp.stat" file again, and adjust
your job as necessary.  One hint though, when running Stat-Analysis jobs
like this on the command line, you'll usually need to put a backslash
before special characters like this: -fcst_thresh "\>0.000"

So I'd suggest approaching the problem like that.  If you can't figure it
out, feel free to send along all of the STAT files in your "out/rain"
directory, the Stat-Analysis config file you're using, and the command
line you're using... and I'll try to figure out what's going on.

Good luck.

John Halley Gotway
johnhg at ucar.edu

> When I run the Stat_analysis Tool, I get the error below:
> WARNING: do_job_aggr_stat() -> no matching STAT lines found for job: -job
> aggregate_stat -fcst_var APCP_6 -fcst_thresh >0.000 -line_type FHO
> -dump_row ./out/stat_analysis/job_aggregate_stat_FHO_CTS.stat
> -out_line_type CTS -out_alpha 0.050000
> And my command is :
>  ../bin/stat_analysis -config ./STATAnalysisConfig_07 -lookin ./out/rain
> -out ./out/stat_analysis/stat_analysis.out
> Can you tell me how to figure out the problem above?
> Thank you very much!
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