[Met_help] A problem

zhxubinchaoshan zhxubinchaoshan at 163.com
Mon May 11 00:51:36 MDT 2009

When I run the Stat_analysis Tool, I get the error below:
WARNING: do_job_aggr_stat() -> no matching STAT lines found for job: -job aggregate_stat -fcst_var APCP_6 -fcst_thresh >0.000 -line_type FHO -dump_row ./out/stat_analysis/job_aggregate_stat_FHO_CTS.stat -out_line_type CTS -out_alpha 0.050000

And my command is :
 ../bin/stat_analysis -config ./STATAnalysisConfig_07 -lookin ./out/rain -out ./out/stat_analysis/stat_analysis.out
Can you tell me how to figure out the problem above?
Thank you very much!

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