[Met_help] question about the pcp_combine

Ming Chen chenming at ucar.edu
Mon Apr 13 12:26:39 MDT 2009

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to ask about the observation precip you used in 
pcp_combine. If I want to verify WRF precip simulation, I must have the 
observation of precip at the same domain and grid as WRF does, is this 

Now my question is, if I have CPC Stage IV precipitation data, but these 
data are not GRIB format and not in WRF domain/grids, what tool can I 
use to transfer these data before I can use them in pcp_combime/mode for 
WRF precip verification?

I appreciate your suggestions and help!  Thanks in advance.


Dr. Ming Chen
Earth & Sun System Laboratory
National Center for Atmopsheric Research
FL3, Room 3081
Phone: (303) 497 8196
Boulder, Co 80307

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