[Met_help] MODE colortables

Luke Peffers luke.peffers at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 14:11:33 MDT 2008

Hello, I am using MET and have run into a small problem with the graphics
display in MODE.  I am working with MODE to compare precipitation RATE
fields whereas MODE seems to expect precipitation accumulation.  Therefore,
the scale on the colorbar in the postscript file don't agree.  I see that if
I set the range in the colortable the range will automatically rescale to
match the scale of the data.  However, after I have done that the colors of
the precipitation fields in the PS file all remain dark as if the entire
precip field only reaches the lowest one or two color thresholds on the
colorbar.  If I set the colortable manually then the precipitation fields
follow the correct color scheme but the colorbar acts strange (the top 5 or
so colors are all the same color).  How can I display my precip rate through

Thank you

Luke Peffers
Florida State University Meteorology
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