[Met_help] Several questions about MET

John Halley Gotway johnhg at rap.ucar.edu
Thu Jun 19 14:19:44 MDT 2008


I have a guess as to what's going wrong.  Please replace your version of "METv1.0/src/grid_stat.cc" with the version that's attached to this email.  Then do a "make clean" and rebuild MET.

Please let me know if this fixes the problem you're seeing.  This is a bug of sorts that we've fixed for METv1.1.  It only shows up on certain machines and compilers.  But we were doing some "risky" 
things in the code with strings that we shouldn't have been doing.  If you run into this error from other MET tools, let me know, and I'll patch it up for you.  And as I mentioned, it'll be fixed in 

It looks like the PCP-Combine observation output you sent is fine.  For some reason, the forecast file appears to contain all zeros.  Perhaps the forecast file was damaged in transmission.


Jan Ploski wrote:
> John Halley Gotway wrote:
>> Jan,
>> It looks like you only sent me the sample_fcst_12L_2005080712V_12A.nc 
>> file.  But I do see a problem in there.
> Hi John,
> Sorry, the second file is attached to this mail.
>> While the header information looks fine, the precip variable just 
>> contains zero data.  This actually reminds me of the issues I'm having 
>> getting MET to run on an IBM.
>> I probably should have asked you this first, but what type of machine 
>> are you running MET on? Do you know if it it Big or Little Endian?
> jploski at srvgrid01:~> uname -a
> Linux srvgrid01 #1 SMP Mon Jan 21 13:29:51 UTC 2008 
> x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
> So I think it's not about Endian-ness? Let me know if I should perform 
> some experiment to find out whether it's Big or Little Endian. Could it 
> be that I have to specify some additional options to the PGI compiler? I 
> recall that I had to add -pgf90libs to avoid linking problems in MET 
> because I used pgf90 rather than pgf77 to compile the BUFRLIB code. On 
> the other hand, I don't think I'm trying to do anything that involves 
> BUFRLIB just yet.
>> In trying to get MET to run on an IBM here, I'm seeing similar 
>> behavior.  The IBM is Big Endian, and I believe that MET isn't 
>> properly accounting for that.  We're working to get MET to run on the 
>> IBM for the next release (METv1.1).  Those changes may be applicable 
>> to you as well.
>> If your machine is Big Endian, at this point, I'm not optimistic about 
>> getting METv1.0 to run well on it.  But we could try getting METv1.1 
>> to work on it.  That version should be released in the next month or so.
>> Please let me know if you're able to determine the Endian-ness of your 
>> machine.  I believe the problem resides in PCP-Combine rather than 
>> Grid-Stat.  PCP-Combine isn't properly reading the input GRIB data and 
>> writing the NetCDF files.
> I think it is related to grid_stat directly. You can download my test 
> files from
> https://bi.offis.de/gridstat_test/gridstat_test.tar.gz
> Running "grid_stat fcast_00.grb anal_00.grb GridStatConfig_default" 
> produces the same error message as the MET test script:
> ncvardef: ncid 14: Attribute or variable name contains illegal characters
> Regards,
> Jan Ploski

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