[Met_help] question about point station verification

RUAN Tao ljruan at ust.hk
Wed Jun 18 21:22:07 MDT 2008

MET help,

    I would like to use the MET to verify the WRF output with my
observation data. But as mentioned in the USER guide, for point-stat
tools, a mask_grids is needed, and any new grid would require code
changes.  Does that means I have to change the code for my case? Are
some options like those in model for defining the grid available? If
not, perhaps it is quite difficult for others employing MET to verify
their own case.

    How can I do for using MET in my case?  Meanwhile, I find some bug
fixes are available. And If I download the MET now , do I need to
replace those fixes?

     Thank you for any information.


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