[Met_help] getting MET stats for wind speed

Brian Gaudet bjg20 at psu.edu
Wed Dec 5 10:26:02 MST 2007


I have been using the Beta version of METv0.9 to verify WRF-ARW model runs
(after having been processed by the WRF postprocessor and put into
GRIB format) against PrepBufr obs.  The tool I've been using
is point_stat.

I was wondering if there was a way to verify wind speed and direction 
using MET if U and V are provided by the model.

I have put these variables in succession in the .Config file to get
vector statistics, as recommended by the online Users Guide.
I do indeed get VL1L2  files, as described in the Users Guide.

However, I noticed that the parameter provided in the VL1L2
file is 'Mean(uf ** 2 + vf**2)'.  What I want is 'Mean( (uf ** 2 + vf ** 2) **
and I don't believe these parameters are derivable from each other
(or any other parameters provided).  Is there another way to
get this parameter?

The only way I know of that should work is to output WIND and
WDIR from the WRF postprocessor; then these fields can
be verified directly using MET.  However, to do this would
require some code changes to the WRF postprocessor.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Brian Gaudet
bjg20 at psu.edu

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