[Met_help] Use of MET by NWS ?

Göber (Dr.) Martin Martin.Goeber at dwd.de
Wed Dec 5 02:49:24 MST 2007

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are thinking about using MET for the verification of numerical and post-processed weather forecasts at the German Weather Service DWD, but we have a question about the openess of the software.

In the "terms of use" for MET it says "...for non-commercial purposes. You shall not sell, license or transfer for a fee the Software, or any work that in any manner contains the Software."

As a national weather service we have commercial activities, although nowadays only to a small degree. Although we would NOT include MET in any direct way into our products, implicitly the use of MET would be included, since we expect to use MET for monitoring and improving our forecasts.  Would this use of MET still grant us the permission to use MET?

Sorry for bothering you with this administrational question.

Greetings from Germany,
Martin Göber

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