CEDAR email: CEDAR 2023: Invitation to participate in "Advances in Ground-based and space-based auroral and equatorial electrojet currents"

Andrew Pepper ampeppe at g.clemson.edu
Tue May 23 06:06:45 MDT 2023

Dear CEDAR community,

We invite you to participate in the workshop Advances in Ground-based and
space-based auroral and equatorial electrojet currents
 scheduled for Monday, June 26th, from 4 to 6 pm.

*Workshop description:* Electrojet currents are ubiquitous and extremely
important to Earth’s ionosphere and upper atmosphere dynamics. In
the auroral electrojet (AEJ), which has remarkable strength and
persistence, drives many of the high-latitude phenomena. In low-latitude,
the equatorial electrojet (EEJ), the narrow band of enhanced eastward
flowing currents, resides in a system of highly coupled neutrals and
plasma. Many advances in the study of these currents have been done in the
past few years. From the study of the EEJ using SWARM data, to the use of
SuperMAG to aid AEJ current modeling, to the upcoming EZIE mission to study
the mesoscale AEJ; the community has produced many investigations on the
electrojet currents. This workshop aims to showcase the latest advances in
the study of electrojet currents.

This workshop will feature two 20-min tutorial talks and a set of new
exciting results on the AEJ and EEJ. Student participation is strongly

Please contact one of the conveners by June 9th, if possible, to be added
to the agenda.

Contributions from students and early career scientists are welcome.

Best Regards,

Rafael Mesquita (rafael.mesquita at jhuapl.edu), Astrid Maute (
Astrid.Maute at colorado.edu), Andrew Pepper (ampeppe at g.clemson.edu)
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