CEDAR email: 2023 CEDAR workshop: Wave-induced Vertical Coupling in Space-Atmosphere Interaction Region

Wang, Jack C. (GSFC-6740)[CATHOLIC UNIV OF AMERICA] jack.c.wang at nasa.gov
Mon May 8 11:51:43 MDT 2023

Dear CEDAR community,

We are hosting a session entitled: “Wave-induced Vertical Coupling in Space-Atmosphere Interaction Region” at 2023 CEDAR workshop. This workshop has been scheduled for Wednesday, June 28, from 10:00-12:00. This workshop invites presentations on any subject that is of demonstrable relevance to the following topics, including but not limited to: 1) wave-wave interaction and corresponding impacts on the I-T system, 2) wave-induced transport and turbulence influence on structure, composition, and circulation, 3) plasma-neutral coupling through upward-propagating waves, and 4) current numerical modeling capabilities of understanding the coupling processes. More descriptions of this workshop can be found here: https://cedarscience.org/workshop/2023-workshop-wave-induced-vertical-coupling

Please contact Jack Wang (jack.c.wang at nasa.gov<mailto:jack.c.wang at nasa.gov>) or Joanne Wu (yjwussl at berkeley.edu<mailto:yjwussl at berkeley.edu>) if you are interested in giving a presentation or have any questions. We warmly welcome students and early-career researchers to present their work at this workshop.

Best Regards,
-Jack Wang, on behalf of Joanne Wu, Quan Gan, McArthur Jones Jr.

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