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I am currently away on travel until May 18th.
Apologies for the delay in my response.

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CEDAR colleagues,

The 2023 CEDAR workshop student poster competition has a very large number of posters this year and the head judges would like to request volunteers for poster judging activities.  The posters are split into mesosphere lower thermosphere (MLT) and ionosphere-thermosphere (IT) categories and we typically ask each judge to review 2-4 posters from one of those categories in addition to participating in deliberations to select winners for that day.  The judging process begins at noon on Tuesday or Wednesday of the workshop (depending on MLT vs. IT) and usually lasts roughly until dinner time so it is a substantial time commitment but also a very rewarding experience and important part of the workshop.  Judges typically serve for one of these days and should be able to mostly schedule their judging responsibilities around needs to attend specific workshops on that day.

If you would like to participate in the judging please email Matt Zettergren (zettergm at erau.edu) and indicate your preference of MLT vs. IT or which day you are available.  If possible also indicate a basic area of expertise (e.g. “thermosphere modeling” or “radio instruments” etc.) to help us with the assignment process.  Thank you very much for your help with this!

-Matt Zettergren (on behalf of this year's head judges)
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