CEDAR email: HAARP Research Campaign Call For Proposals (August 12-14, 2023)

Jessica Matthews jamatthews02 at alaska.edu
Mon Apr 10 21:04:38 MDT 2023

Research proposals for ionospheric modification experiments at the HAARP
facility in Gakona, Alaska are being solicited.  Limited campaign planning
for August 12-14, 2023 is underway now.  Proposals should be submitted via
this Google Form
linked from the HAARP Public Website no later than May 19, 2023.

Priority for National Science Foundation (NSF) Subauroral Geophysical
Observatory (SAGO, NSF Award #2054361) funded experiment time will be given
to NSF-supported investigations and investigations contributing to the
professional development of students.

For information about the research capabilities of the facility and on-site
diagnostics, consult the HAARP Public Website <https://haarp.gi.alaska.edu/>.

On behalf of the HAARP science advisory committee,

Jessica Matthews, HAARP Director
Robb Moore, Chair, HAARP Science Advisory Committee
Paul Bernhardt, HAARP Chief Scientist

Jessica Matthews
HAARP Director
Geophysical Institute
University of Alaska Fairbanks
P: (907) 474 5099
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