CEDAR email: TRACERS mission: a special mini-GEM session on Sunday before AGU

Connor, Hyunju K. (GSFC-6730) hyunju.k.connor at nasa.gov
Tue Aug 23 10:38:23 MDT 2022

Dear CEDAR colleagues,

We’d like to invite you to a special mini-GEM session on the TRACERS mission held in the afternoon of Dec 11, Sunday before the AGU fall meeting. In this session, we will introduce TRACERS mission concept, spacecraft, and operation plans. We will also seek input from GEM and CEDAR scientists on potential research topics if the TRACERS data collection area is expanded from the northern cusp to a global ionosphere, especially near the equator and the auroral region. Meeting details (location, time, agenda, etc) will be announced later.  Below is the TRACERS session abstract.

The Tandem Reconnection And Cusp Electrodynamics Reconnaissance Satellites (TRACERS) mission is the NASA Heliophysics Explorer mission with expected launch in 2024. The overarching mission goal is connecting the magnetospheric cusp to the magnetopause – discovering how spatial or temporal variations in magnetic reconnection drive cusp dynamics. The TRACERS mission consists of two identically instrumented satellites in the same low-Earth, sun-synchronous orbit with the spacecraft separated by 10-120 s along the orbital track. TRACERS makes field and particle observations in the northern cusp. Its instrumentation includes ion and electron spectrometers, DC electric and magnetic field and AC wave measurements. The TRACERS team currently considers expanding its data collection area from the northern cusp to a global ionosphere (especially near the equator and the auroral region), and thus supports the upper atmosphere research. In this session, we will introduce mission details and discuss potential science opportunities of TRACERS with the GEM and CEDAR communities.

Thank you very much,
Hyunju Connor, John Dorelli, Li-jen Chen, Reiner Friedel, and Craig Kletzing

Hyunju Kim Connor (she/her/hers)
Research Astrophysicist
Geospace Physics Laboratory, Code 673
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD, USA
Hyunju.k.connor at nasa.gov<mailto:Hyunju.k.connor at nasa.gov>

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