CEDAR email: IAP UA-ICON PostDoc position

Jorge L. Chau (IAP) jchau at iap-kborn.de
Mon Aug 23 12:23:37 MDT 2021

Dear CEDAR colleagues,

The Leibniz-Institut of Atmospheric Physics at Kühlungsborn, Germany, invites applications for a postdoc position to study the mesosphere by a global circulation model. The position is open for a two-years term with a possibility for an extension. Details and the announcement are given at: https://www.iap-kborn.de/fileadmin/user_upload/Current_issue/Job_Vacancies/Theorie/uaicon1r7d5_AK_cz_final.pdf

For further information please contact Dr. Christoph Zülicke (zuelicke at iap-kborn.de).



Prof. Dr. Jorge L. Chau
Head of the Radar Remote Sensing Department
Leibniz Institute of Atmospheric Physics
Schloss-Str. 6
18225 Kuehlungsborn
Phone: +49-38293-68200
Fax:     +49-38293-6850
Email: chau at iap-kborn.de
url: www.iap-kborn.de

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