CEDAR email: SWORM Historical Data Set Request

Wiltberger, Michael J mwiltber at nsf.gov
Wed May 13 09:24:02 MDT 2020

The Space Weather Operations, Research, and Mitigation (SWORM) Interagency Working Group is requesting input to identify historical data NOT currently available in the public domain that would benefit research efforts and have the potential to improve models for characterizing and forecasting space weather events.

The 2019 National Space Weather Strategy and Action Plan (NSW-SAP) identifies space weather as having the potential to adversely affect national critical infrastructure, defense and intelligence systems, and military operations. Existing space weather operational modeling and forecasting capabilities fall short of what is required to meet the Nation’s needs for space weather services. To fully realize the benefits of its research investments, the Nation should develop improved research models targeted to operational needs, transition these research models to operational models, and incorporate them into operational forecasts. Developing forecasting capabilities with increased accuracy, lead-time, and geographic resolution will enable more effective mitigation approaches and further national preparedness for space weather events. Greater access to existing data sets would advance the development, validation, and testing of models used for characterizing and forecasting space weather events and improve the quality of space weather products and services.

Complete the form at the below link for EACH data set that you recommend be made available in the public domain. Please provide specific information on the data and how it could be used.


Submit responses no later than 1 June 2020. Direct any inquiries about this data call to Jennifer Meehan at jennifer.meehan at noaa.gov<mailto:jennifer.meehan at noaa.gov>.

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